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What Our Customers Say

Reviews: Testimonials

Assalaamu alaikum sister
I pray you and your family are all well and in good health.
I met you at the Peckham masjid Eid event after having followed you for a while and always being on the fence about making a purchase.
Alhamdu’lillah I took that day as a sign to make a purchase and came home with the rose all natural scrub.
SubhanAllah I am so so pleased with it!
I use it as part of my self care routine every few weeks. I do a cleanse and then use the scrub. I then do a home made rose clay mask and then also use the excess oil from the scrub to rehydrate my face! I loveeee it Allahuma barik. I also use it as a pre treatment before shaving 😍 I would highly recommended it to sisters far and wide. May Allah continue to put barakah into your business sister 💜 can’t wait to purchase some more products from you soon in sha’Allah 💜

Steff (June 2022)

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