Combo Trio

Combo Trio

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The amazing trio for your skin care!


The Ultimate Spa quality at home! All natural and pure! Exfoliate with The All Natural Body Scrub

Nourish with The Organic Body Butter & Pamper with The Floral Oil




All Natural Body Scrub

Volume 200ml

External use only

Caution: may cause bath/shower to be slippery

Use within 6 months

This product is preservative-free,

please avoid getting water into the All Natural Body Scrub.

Preferably use a scoop or spoon

Store it in a cool dry place.



Organic Body Butter

Volume 200ml

External use only

Our Organic Body Butter is preservative-free use within 6 months.

Preferably use a scoop or spoon

Store it in a cool dry place



Floral Oil

Contains Nut Products

Avoid direct sunlight exposure


External use only




Be Kind to the environment please recycle the containers

  • How to Enjoy

    On freshly cleansed, damp skin, use a generous amount, apply in circular motion, focus on hard skin areas (feet, elbows, knees), allow The All Natural Body Scrub luscious ingredients to activate and absorb into the skin, 5 minutes approximately, rinse with lukewarm water.


    Follow up with our Organic Body Butter Apply the Organic Body Butter straight after the exfoliation, whilst skin is still humid, massage until product fully absorbed.


    Then complete your lavish skincare session with the Floral Body oil apply a small amount of oil to palms of the hands, rub to activate the botanical properties and inhale the scent before massaging all over the skin.


    Use twice to three times a week.