Combo Duo I

Combo Duo I

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All Natural Body Scrub and Floral Oil 


Intensively aromatherapeutic, moisturising, hydrating and lavish. 


Best treatment if feeling tired, for skin that is dull and has a rough texture. 


The All Natural Body scrub is great for pre hair removal treatments, and the Floral Oil is a fantastic post-hair removal skincare addition.


Follow up with the Floral Oil for an uplifting and revitalised sensory effect, which transpires in a dewy and radiant glow. 



All Natural Body Scrub

Volume 200ml

External use only


Caution: may cause bath/shower to be slippery

Use within 6 months of purchase- this product is preservative-free, please avoid getting water into the All Natural Body Scrub. Preferably use a scoop or a spoon



Floral Oil 

Contains Nut Products


External use only

Avoid direct sunlight exposure 



Be Kind to the environment please recycle the containers

  • How to Enjoy

    On freshly cleansed, damp skin, use a generous amount, apply in circular motion, focus on hard skin areas (feet, elbows, knees), allow The All Natural Body Scrub luscious ingredients to activate and soak up in the skin, 5 minutes approximately, rinse with lukewarm water.


    Extra Tip: For a more invigorating and increase the circulation on the skin, use our Body Scrub with a Kessa exfoliating glove.


    Follow up with the Floral Oil by adding a generous amount of oil to palms of the hands, rub to activate the botanical properties and inhale the scent before massaging all over the skin.


    Use twice to three times a week