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Winter Skincare Tips

Prevent Dry and Dehydrated Skin during the winter season. There are numerous tips, however, at Ledirah Beauty we will focus on the simpler ones, that you can adapt and incorporate into your skincare routine.

First things first! Cleansing/hygiene!

Limit your showering/bathing time to a maximum of ten minutes.

As well as that, attempt to use tepid water as opposed to hot!

Despite its comforting sensation, hot water has the tendency to DRY UP the skin as it strips the natural oils on the epidermis.

Another addition to consider is to opt for gentle cleansers, creamier and moisturising formulations, and indeed avoid sebum stripping ingredients!

(Always read your ingredient list, the more natural composition, the better)

Exfoliate your skin regularly!

Up to twice a week to gently polish away DRY, FLAKY skin! There are many ways to exfoliate your skin including chemical exfoliation or physical exfoliation.

Both have their charms, but here we focus on physical exfoliation of two kinds:

Body Brushing & Body Scrubs

Dry skin brushing has numerous holistic benefits including:

🔸stimulation of circulation hence reducing the orange peel look,

🔸tones the skin texture

🔸helps eliminate toxins as it stimulates the lymphatic system

🔸reduces the appearance of keratosis Pilaris

🔸Improves skincare product absorption

When it comes to body scrubs our own favourite: The All Natural Body Scrub is an amazing external exfoliating skin-friendly products which has a DUAL EFFECT of 🧡skin polishing as well as 🧡moisturising!

It reveals brighter, smoother and healthier skin! It helps with appearance of strawberry legs, great pre hair removal treatments, and as part of pedicures! Enriched with great botanical it smells amazing and adds a great effect of pampering!


After cleansing, lathering, exfoliating the skin it is important to re-introduce skin-loving nutrient-rich protective layers of moisturising:





More effective straight after bathing or showering! As this locks in moisture and provides a layer of protection to the skin!

Our Organic Body Butter is phenomenal and envelops all the descriptions above! Add the floral oil to it, and it’s a complete skin-renewing combo!

Fantastic for super dry and dehydrated skin, especially true in the winter season!

Staying well Hydrated

From the inside out!

On a daily basis, the human body loses water through breathing, sweating, and urinating. On average that amounts to 800 millilitres 😳😳😳

During the winter external factors such as cold weather, artificial dry heating and long hot baths, have as a consequence ...

You guessed right!


Our skin and body overall can only thrive if we maintain a healthy balance, which includes adequate hydration!

The recommendation is eight full glasses (approx. 200ml each) of non-caffeinated


💦Water is best💦


Freshly squeezed juices


as well as

🍵 herbal teas🍵

can make the ‘task’ of drinking the suggested amount much easier!

Infusions can make it more adventurous and fun,

as well as nicer and prettier bottles/glasses!

(Psychology comes into play!)

Tell us in the comments, what is your favourite drink to keep you hydrated?

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